Fluval BUG BITES™ Insect Larvae Recipe Fish Food is now available at both Pet World locations.

BUG BITES™  are formulated with Black Soldier Fly Larvae as the #1 ingredient. Insects are important part of a fish’s diet in the wild and provide an appealing taste which fish crave

Top Ingredients of BUG BITES™ – No artificial fillers, Colors or Preservatives

  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae – high quality protein with no exoskeleton so it’s easy to digest.
  • Salmon – Protein source and rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Concentrated Fish Protein – Liquid extract offering a more complete amino acid profile
  • Peas – Natural carbohydrate source and highly appetizing to fish
  • Potato – Natural binder and carbohydrate source
  • Wheat – High in fiber

Foods available:

  • Tropical – slow sinking micro granules ( small to medium fish)
  • Tropical – slow sinking granules (medium to large fish)
  • Cichlid – slow sinking granules (small to medium cichlids)
  • Cichlid – slow sinking pellets ( medium to large cichlids)
  • Goldfish – slow sinking granules ( small to medium goldfish)
  • Goldfish – slow sinking pellets ( medium to large goldfish)
  • Bottom Feeder – Sinking Granules ( small to medium bottom feeders)
  • Pleco – Sinking sticks ( medium to large plecostomus)










Fish Love Bugs! BUG BITES™ contain up to 40% Quality Insect Larvae Protein!

Try some today!