Celiae Killifish ,Pet World Rochester

Celiae Killifish , Pet World Rochester


  • Common Name: Celiae Killifish
  • Origin: Mambanda, Cameroon,
  • Diet: Live brine shrimp & Blackworms; Frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms. Celiae may take small flake food as well.
  • Size: 2 ¼  inches , Wild males are up to 3 inches
  • Water Conditions: pH 6.0 to 7.5; water temperature 73 to 79 degrees F.
  • Introduced:  Scheel; 1971 – named for Miss Celia Epie of Meanja, West Cameroon
  • Sexing: Males are more colorful
  • Breeding: Celiae Killifish is very easy to breed.  Adults will deposit their eggs in top or bottom synthetic spawning mops. Only use a sponge filter for filtration to avoid removing the fry. Eggs hatch in 17 to 22 days at 77 F. Fry will eat micro organisms present and then baby brine shrimp. Growth rate is very quick with fry reaching sexual maturity in 5 months.  Beware: snails and shrimp will eat the Celiae Killi’s eggs.
  • Behavior: Celiae are medium peaceful fish so they may be kept with small fish such as small tetras, blue rams or Furcata Rainbows in a community tank. They do best with dim lighting and a natural style aquarium. Some aquarists prefer peat in the bottom of a small species only tank. Eggs can be dried for 3 -4 weeks – semi-dry. If parents are well fed fry may be grown up with adults. Make sure the tank is covered as Celiae are excellent jumpers.