Electric Green Tetra
 Electric Green Tetra

Electric Green Tetra

  • Common Name: “Black” Tetra, “Black Skirt” Tetra
  • Origin: Species Paraguay, Electric green – laboratory
  • Diet: Flake food,; Frozen, Brine shrimp, Blood Worms, mosquito larvae
  • Water Conditions: 72 to 84 degrees F with a pH between 6.5and 7.4
  • Introduced: Boulenger, 1895
  • Sexing: Females are larger more full bodied.
  • Breeding: NOTE; Electric Green Tetras are protected by a patent. It is illegal to reproduce and sell this fish. Place a female with 2 males in a separate tank – 15 gallon with plants. Eggs are laid in plants. Remove parents. Eggs hatch in 48 hours. Feed infusoria first.
  • Behavior: Peaceful schooling fish, does well in community tanks 10 gallons and up. The fluorescent color in our fish is produced by a fluorescent protein gene, which creates the beautiful fluorescence that can be seen when looking at the fish. The fluorescent protein genes occur naturally, and are derived from marine organisms. For over a decade, fluorescent fish have been relied upon by scientists worldwide to better understand important questions in genetics, molecular biology, and vertebrate development. Fluorescent fish have been particularly helpful in understanding cellular disease and development, as well as cancer and gene therapy. In general, we have found that an actinic (blue wavelength) light is ideal, as this can be used in both light and dark rooms.


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