PE Mysis® Frozen


Piscine Energetics’ patented harvesting method captures PE MYSIS that are unrivalled in flavour and nutrition. PE MYSIS are harvested at night while feeding on nutrient-rich phytoplankton and zooplankton; then flash frozen to ensure they remain naturally gut-loaded.

PE MYSIS offers exceedingly high levels of rich proteins, Omega’s 3 & 6, fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants. Our freshly caught PE MYSIS are clean and intact with no artificial enrichment performed. There are no binding agents, fillers, or water added to PE MYSIS upon packaging. PE MYSIS have been acclaimed for improving fish energy and coloration by private owners, aquarium retailers, and curators around the world.



Products Available:

  • 4oz (113g) Blister Pack
  • 8oz (226g) Flat-Pack
  • 16oz (452g) Flat-Pack
  • 16oz (452g) Flat-Pack: Small Grade PE Mysis
  • Available in 25lb and 60lb cases

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